Frequent Asked Questions

Any music artist, band or their manager, agent or other representatives can register with GoMint.   We welcome artists of all backgrounds to sign up regardless of genre or how many followers you have.

To get started, you just need to sign up on the following link or email us at [email protected]. To ease the process, please use the official email account for you, your band or your management company etc.

1) Music artists curate digital art & collectable mints that are related to a music release. This could include but is not limited to any audio or visual media that the artist has put together.

2) Music artists send all files/stems to [email protected] along with a completed mint form.

3) GoMusic verifies the artist to ensure ownership of the rights and creates the mint to be previewed on the GoMusic test net.

4) Music artists request iterations on the testnet.

5) On the release date, the mint is live on the GoMusic marketplace, artists share on social media and fans are able to bid for mints. Artists to share on social media.

6) Artists can accept or decline bids as and when they please and will receive the transaction in their bank account. Payment options: Paypal or crypto.

GoMusic is committed to charge ZERO commission on all mints listed for at least the next 12 months.  Artists will have advance notice before we implement any commissions and even then, they will only be charged on new mints after that date. All we ask is that we add a small % royalty payment back to GoMusic which would be automatically applied to future resales of your mints.

A mint is a new audio and visual recording format, recorded on a ‘blockchain’. Mints consist of traditional digital file types (.mov, .mp4, .wav, .mp3 etc) but have a hardcoded ID that can be used to verify authenticity.All mints are recorded as ‘NFTs’ on the Hedera Hashgraph ‘blockchain’ so mints are limited to the number minted and their ownership can be authenticated and tracked on the ‘blockchain’ at all times.

Below are some of the reasons we heard most from music artists:To earn a fairer income from music – music artists overwhelmingly feel underpaid and we believe the current pay-per-stream model isn’t working. The value of music is more than the stream and you may have fans who love what you do and would love to own a limited edition collectible, especially if it provides more insight or expression about you as an artist or about a song they love.To grow deeper connections to your audience – 

Product#1 provides a medium for you to carefully curate a range of limited edition collectibles around your release and allow you to express more about your music. You may feel your release is expressed better in the context of certain visuals or other audio excerpts that inspired you at the time and Product#1 lets you curate a myriad of files that provide more insight into how you were thinking or feeling about your release. The possibilities are limitless!   To promote your release, a gig, or a cause you care for – many artists expressed an interest in releasing the mint before or after the release of the single or album to help promote it or to remind listeners to listen to their record.To retain an element of exclusivity around your mints.  As GoMint is built on a ‘blockchain’ or ‘decentralized ledger technology’ (DLT) – specifically Hedera Hashgraph – all assets are minted as ‘non-fungible tokens’ (NFTs) and are therefore proveably limited – the records on the ‘blockchain’ are immutable and cannot be tampered with.

Transactions are received into your virtual crypto wallet instantaneously, with no processing fees.  If you prefer to receive payments in fiat currency such as US dollar then you can connect a PayPal account and payments are made within 2 working days, but will attract processing and conversion fees

GoMusic leverages the native functionality of Hedera Hashgraph, which allows split payments to be made to multiple wallets.   So you can allocate a share to different band members or other rights owners for example; or decide to gift a percentage to your favourite charity.

Don’t worry – you are not committed at any stage.  Having registered with GoMusic, you can still use other platforms, even other NFT platforms, without restriction but of course not for the same mints or releases.  And you can leave GoMint at any time, and remove all your mints

Email [email protected] for any support queries and our team will be back with you within 48 hours.

GoMusic is built on Hedera Hashgraph, one of the most economical and environmentally friendly ‘blockchains’ in the market, expending a minuscule fraction of the energy compared to Ethereum for example.   Although there are very small transaction fees to use the Hedera Hashgraph network, GoMusic will cover these costs forever.  Therefore, there are no minting or ‘gas’ fees – and no ‘bill shock’!