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Earn more from music by creating unique digital collectables.

Introducing MINTS

Unique limited digital collectables. Coupled to your songs and albums.
To provide a closer look at your music. For your biggest listeners.
And a fairer music economy.

So much goes into making your music

We help musicians express more about their releases so they can provide their biggest listeners with a more intimate experience. Independently, or in collaboration with audio and visual creators, musicians are curating MINTS from lyric sheets, stems, recordings, videos, graphics, voice notes and more and generating more earnings as a result.

Redefine how you connect with your biggest listeners.

Calling all musicians and creators

97% of musicians feel unfairly paid by streaming services.

Help shape a platform that is encouraging collaboration with artists of different disciplines, creating intimacy with those who care about your work and generating earnings for you and the causes you care most about.

How It Works

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